Solve big problems, drive innovation and revolutionise industries… all in a day's work.


At Fathom, everyone's part of the solution. From UX architects to project managers we hire people who have collaboration in their blood. Specialists with industry-leading expertise and the kind of curiosity that sees them pushing technology to its limits.

We're a diverse bunch hailing from a range of backgrounds - people from around the world and with experience in a multitude of industries. When hiring, we don't just look for long CVs full of impressive names. We look for people who are smart and nice. People who enjoy working together solving complex and challenging problems.

Fathom is a lively, creative place to work. When your friends ask about your new job, you can tell them you're making some of the most complicated systems in the world a breeze to use, and in doing so helping the financial and corporate worlds work better for everyone.

Current Roles

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