A user experience consultancy creating beautiful software for global markets.


35-37 Ludgate Hill
London, EC4M 7JN

North America

31 West 34th Street, Suite 7141
New York, NY 10001

We make data fit for human consumption.
Connecting the dots in global markets.

Our design process begins and ends with human beings: their problems, challenges, workflows and outcomes.

Truly transformative products don’t need an instruction manual. They’re intuitive, beguilingly simple, useful, usable and efficient, improving on what came before right from the first interaction.

We create exactly those kind of products.

design process 1

Bespoke technology solving the problems of today - ready for tomorrow.

We leverage the latest technologies and leading agile principles to produce best-in-class products. Our engineering team are 100% in-house, boasting unique expertise in re-thinking legacy systems and building cutting-edge applications. We take prototyping and proof-of-concept phases more seriously than most, as we know this is where the highest value insights and pivots occur.

Collaboration across teams with clients and partners drives the success of our projects.

At Fathom, projects move fast. From sketches to proof-of-concept, from prototype to product. Our processes are lean & agile and encourage invention at every step. Working closely together between our specialists and client stakeholders ensures we find the best solutions quickly, and deploy software that moves the needle for businesses.

design process 2

Bright minds.
Beautiful solutions.

Our team is comprised of experience, design, data and technology specialists from a multitude of backgrounds. From authors and artists to hackers and entrepreneurs we hire people who are both brilliant and nice. Consequently, our culture is one where standards are high, and help in achieving them can come from many directions.

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Our work

Trading, blockchain, cryptocurrency, mortgage servicing… it’s been a busy few months here at Fathom. Have a look through what products we’re currently creating for our clients.

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