We get to code as quickly as possible, in the least amount of steps and time. This gives your project the best chance of success. We put early concept products in the hands of users, to validate the thinking and communicate the vision.

Agile & Lean

Our nimbleness and speed come from our use of these two methodologies - doing away with locked-down, waterfall methods of traditional software design.

We work in rapid, iterative ‘learn-measure-build’ cycles. This keeps us adaptive to change at every step. With our lean mindset we get to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) fast, so we can begin learning from users and crafting a product perfectly tailored to its audience.



Once you engage Fathom, you’re on the team. You’ll be fully involved in the process, so we can learn from each other and build a truly innovative product together.

Our collaborative approach means that this is the phase you’re likely to be most involved in. Whether reviewing a design or a piece of functionality this is where you’ll get a real sense of the product and its impending impact on your business



Our office walls are where the real magic happens. Every inch is dry-wipe and they afford us huge canvases to draw, sketch, paste - and sometimes even erase - our ideas.

Solutions can come from anywhere in the team and they’re always captured on our walls, where the work lives. Our space is open and light with good food, great music and design inspiration at every turn from fine art and cutting-edge data visualisation to classic product design.


The Team

We hire people who are willing to tread new ground, experiment, break things and push the limits of what’s possible.

Our world-class team of designers, developers and engineers have been handpicked from a diverse spectrum of creative backgrounds, ranging from art and advertising to finance and technology. Whilst a disparate bunch, the things that unite us are a love of great design, a persistent curiosity and a thirst for innovation.

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