With an extensive built-in tool set and fully integrated search support, as well as RFQ ticketing flows and contextual market depth information panel, stunning data visualisation capacity and a responsive multi-channel design, the Fathom HTML5 Supergrid accelerates the adoption of modern web technology into your business.


More features than you can shake a stick at

Our experience of creating software for highly demanding investment banking customers showed us exactly what our supergrid needed to do.


High performance grid with an extensive tool set

The Fathom HTML5 supergrid has been designed and coded from the ground-up to be fast, sleek and highly responsive.

Need to display 1000 rows of data? 100,000? Doesn't matter for us. You could have 10 million rows and the Fathom Supergrid would be just as fast.

With built-in Alerts, Grid Sharpies™, inline data visualisation, and fully configurable column controls.

An incredible voice activated search

Bored of typing? Why not use voice to search instead. The Fathom Supergrid leverages Google APIs to bring a Siri-like speaking experience to finding what you need.


RFQ ticketing and trade flows

Our experience working with demanding investment banking clients has taught us what's needed for efficient trading.

Moving from instruments on pricing grids to an RFQ ticket – either discrete or list – with full access to market depth and contextual information should be intuitive and accessible.

With the Fathom Supergrid, the capacity for trading workflow is built right into the core.


Effective and useful data visualisation

The Fathom HTML5 Supergrid comes with inline trend visualisations for every single row item.

The Market Depth panel can display one, two or more contextually relevant visualisations associated with each row items, or groups of items.


Responsive multi-channel design

The Fathom HTML 5 Supergrid has been designed and built to the very highest coding standards using modern web technologies, in particular Angular JS and React.

The Supergrid is modern browser compatible across tablet and desktop.


Built for real-time performance without compromising experience and design.

Optimised for performance

All components are engineered to handle real-time streaming prices, beautifully styled and animated. Our technology is proving itself on trading desktops around the world day in and day out.

HTML5 frameworks

Enterprise grade frameworks are used to maintain the design, interaction and beauty of the experience. This means the front-end can incorporate those magic touches that make the ordinary extraordinary.

HTML5 Responsive design

One codebase for all platforms and devices – build once and deploy everywhere. This is the end of building and maintaining separate versions of the application for each deployment.

Designed for experience

Principles of a guided experience run throughout to create a cohesive set of components. This delivers an interface that is primarily designed to be useful, usable and efficient.

Customisation & tear-outs

Desktop real estate is a precious commodity so the front-end is configurable for each user. This gives users the ability to customise and tear-out elements to suit themselves.

Native application behaviour

Chromium-wrapped for easier integration and deployment, either standalone or via a platform such as OpenFin. This creates a native application feel that is more familiar and trusted by users.

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